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The first and only proprietary panel provider with multiple panels across the Balkans.

Global Reach

Access to over 2 million panelists across Europe, Asia, USA and South America Specialist panels to suit your needs Custom Panel recruitment, retention and full panel management You can also outsource your Panel Support to us

Online Panels

We consider ourselves as specialists in fielding surveys in Eastern Europe and especially in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary with both own and partner panels.We could be engaged for low incidence groups such as B2B, Medical and IT professional. If you need more information for our panel coverage, please write us on

From setting the goals, to result analysis, we have it all covered, from helping you to better your product to simply aiding checking your business idea.

In the 21st century when almost everybody has Internet access and technology is everywhere, we think that the fastest and most effective way of conducting an online survey is online methodology
Data Quality
Data Quality checks Coding verbatium data Delivering multiple data formats Analyzing the results
Survey Programming
Our main system is Confirmit – proven as the best online research platform in the world.
This is the right software and we are the right people: qualified graphic designers capable of processing all types of multimedia. our competent data processing professionals use Excel, SPSS, ACCESS and many more. We have a team of young people with innovative ideas not only as market research specialists, but as web designers and builders.
Pricing Function
Team of experts, fast response time, competitive pricing, 24h coverage
Panel Management
We provide the needed attention to our panels and take care of all inquiries from respondents. Our aim is to achieve the highest level of panelist contentment. We track data and generate systematic reports. Thus we build high quality and profiled panels.
Affiliate Marketing
Make money from your website. Earn commissions by placing banners and text links on your site. Advertisers:
Panel care
We provide a 24 hour multilingual customer service for all panelists. We use special software to respond and classify all inquiries coming from our respondents.
Our experienced and dedicated team takes care about our panelists and prepares daily and weekly reports.
Project Management
We have a strong team that will be following project specifications and requirements. Respond with great flexibility to every need of the client or any issue that may appear in the project.
For our sample only projects we have great specialists, own quality panel team and strong procedures for best project and respondent quality.
Full service - We may take care of everything that you need. Each step from the creation of the document, trough the programming and testing, to analyzing of the results we have the solution.
Quality Control
Regular checks, before and during the field process.
Two level structure - at least 2 people from QA department are working on same project.
Profiled team for every specific project or client.
Quality assurance provider not only for our, but for your projects also.

About us


Our vision is to become an institution in the European marketing industry.


Our mission is to deliver cost-effective outstanding market research through skilled survey programming, excellent panel management, fieldwork management, quality control, data processing and affiliate marketing.


We are qualified and experienced market researchers. We spent many years working for leading marketing companies and transferred all our capabilities to OS.


We serve every customer with devotion and careful analysis of all inquiries. Our loyalty to all business associates is expressed by our determination to complete every task within the deadline no matter the complexity.


We have a multilingual dedicated Front Desk team that supports our panelists 24/7. In order to provide high level of customer approval and retain the scope of our panels we provide survey participants with adequate remuneration packages.

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ul. "Prof. Rasho Rashev" No 4, et. 2 office 7, 1700, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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